Pocket photo collage / scrapbooking studio.

Demo video

Photo collage / scrapbooking application, based on geometric shapes that you can customize with colors and images from your photo album.

Six shape types are available : Squares, triangles, circles, hearts, stars, polygons.

You can move, scale, rotate, duplicate each of the elements, as well as you can customize their background color (adjustable opacity) and background image.

Background image aspect ratio can also be adjusted for each shape.

Each time you click the “Move” / “Scale” / “Rotate” button, as well as when you add or duplicate a shape, the active shape is highlighted in white.

It is also possible to apply a background color and a background image to the canvas.

Example of rendering, based on two shapes.

At any time you can save / load your collage projects (menu > Save Project / Load Project).

The project file suffix is .mpc. Those files are text files, so you also can open and edit them with a text editor.

You also can save the resulting image to your device, and share it via any available means.

The dimension of the canvas matches that of the device screen. With a single click on the content, you switch between full screen mode and windowed mode.

Floating draggable buttons (only visible in windowed mode) :

– Active item selector (bottom-right arrows) : It allows you to select the active item.

– Display priority modifier (upper-left arrows) : Via these buttons, you can change the display priority of the active item.

Description of the three main modes :

– Move mode (“Move” tab) : Press down the active shape, drag it to the desired location, then release to complete the operation.

– Scale mode (“Scale” tab) : Press down the active shape, then swipe up to decrease shape size, swipe down to increase shape size. Release when you are done.

– Rotate mode (“Rotate” tab) : Press down the active shape, then swipe up to rotate the shape counterclockwise, or swipe down to rotate the shape clockwise. Release to finalize the action.

If you want to share a photo collage that you made with this app, feel free to send it to us by email at (subject : MyPhotoCollage). If validated, it will appear in a dedicated gallery on the website.

Enjoy !