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Some interesting audio frequencies, their presumed effects, and related notions. You can test these frequencies on our Audio Frequency Signal Generator mobile app, a free utility for generating and recording binaural frequencies.

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Pocket photo collage / scrapbooking studio

Photo collage / scrapbooking application, based on geometric shapes that you can customize with colors and images from your photo album.

Six shape types are available : Squares, triangles, circles, hearts, stars, polygons.

You can move, scale, rotate, duplicate each of the elements, as well as you can customize their background color (adjustable opacity) and background image.

Background image aspect ratio can also be adjusted for each shape.

Each time you click the “Move” / “Scale” / “Rotate” button, as well as when you add or duplicate a shape, the active shape is highlighted in white.

It is also possible to apply a background color and a background image to the canvas.

Example of rendering, based on two shapes.

At any time you can save / load your collage projects (menu > Save Project / Load Project).

The project file suffix is .mpc. Those files are text files, so you also can open and edit them with a text editor.

You also can save the resulting image to your device, and share it via any available means.

The dimension of the canvas matches that of the device screen. With a single click on the content, you switch between full screen mode and windowed mode.

Floating draggable buttons (only visible in windowed mode) :

– Active item selector (bottom-right arrows) : It allows you to select the active item.

– Display priority modifier (upper-left arrows) : Via these buttons, you can change the display priority of the active item.

Description of the three main modes :

– Move mode (“Move” tab) : Press down the active shape, drag it to the desired location, then release to complete the operation.

– Scale mode (“Scale” tab) : Press down the active shape, then swipe up to decrease shape size, swipe down to increase shape size. Release when you are done.

– Rotate mode (“Rotate” tab) : Press down the active shape, then swipe up to rotate the shape counterclockwise, or swipe down to rotate the shape clockwise. Release to finalize the action.

If you want to share a photo collage that you made with this app, feel free to send it to us by email at contact@oniricforge.com (subject : MyPhotoCollage). If validated, it will appear in a dedicated gallery on the website.

Enjoy !

Audio Frequency Signal Generator

Explore and record binaural frequencies

Binaural frequency signal generator.

0-20 khz range (can be expanded up to 40 khz. You can adjust range via the “Min Max” button, or via the in-app settings : Main menu > Settings > Change min / max freq.),

5 waveform types : Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Noise.

The current waveform is displayed on an oscilloscope.

Two adjustable frequencies : Left, right.

For each side, you have 4 knobs that allow you to tweak the related frequency : – + 1 Hz, – + 10 Hz, – + 100 Hz, – + 1000 Hz (adjustable amounts).

Link to the app’s page

Enjoy !


Text-based adventure game

Heroic Fantasy text-based adventure game.

Explore, fight, manage your resources.

At the end of each day, you gain health points if you have at least one food point and one water point.

Conversely, if you have no food or water point, you lose health points.

Dynamic turned-based fights, intuitive control interface.

Enjoy !

Office Phone Rings

A set of various ringtones

Get your ringtone amongst a wide variety of office phone ring sounds.

Each ringtone and its possible variants are presented in a tab.

Click on a ringtone name or play button to preview, click on the “+” icon to install the related ringtone on your device.

Once you have installed a ringtone on your device, you can see it in your device settings > Sounds and Notification (or Sounds and Vibration). The ringtone’s name is the same as the one that is displayed in the app. Eg : “Office Phone Ring 4 Variant 1”.

You can use the app’s ringtones as Phone, Notification, Alarm ringtone.

Please note that in order to let the app change the default ringtone of your device, you have to allow the app to modify system settings. During the first launch, you get redirected to the “Can modify system settings” panel, so that you can check the related checkbox.

Injection Planning

Self-injection planning helper *

* This application is intended for patients whose long-term treatment requires injections at regular intervals.

Have an overview of the location and age of your injections.

This application is intended for patients whose long-term treatment requires injections at regular intervals. As a general rule, they are trained in the technique of self-injection in order to be able to treat themselves without the help of a health professional. A different injection site must be chosen each time, which reduces the risk of irritation or pain.

Examples of conditions concerned: multiple sclerosis, diabetes (glucose reading and insulin), cancers, asthma, renal failure, hematological diseases, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Injected medications can cause side effects such as erythema, pain, induration, pruritus, edema, inflammation, hypersensitivity, etc. In this case, a regular rotation of the injection sites (locations of the injections) must be respected in order to ensure a sufficient tissue rest period for each site.

Tiny Labyrinth Adventure

Pixel dungeon / puzzle game

Aventure-puzzle game.

Explore labyrinths, looking for gems.

The game is based on a top-down view,

Each level is completed once you have collected all of the gems.

Once a level is completed, the next one is unlocked.

The levels are independant of each other. At each level start, player’s inventory and energy level are reset.

Enjoy !

Maze Crawler

Maze escape game

A minimalistic, fluid, 100% textual maze escape game.

At the start of each game, a new maze is randomly generated.

Find the way to the exit !

Mazes are generated out of 12 x 12 grids.

Enjoy !

Mini UFO

Endless flyer + Trance music

Mini UFO is an “endless flyer” horizontal side scrolling game, in which you control a ufo, trying to make it fly as long as possible by avoiding obstacles.

Tap the screen to launch the ufo, then :

  • Tap the screen to gain altitude.

  • Release the screen to dive.

You get 100 points for each avoided obstacle.

Beat your high score !

The background music is composed of great Trance tracks (progressive Trance, Psytrance, Goa Trance), played randomly.

Notes Mosaic

Multicolored notepad

Manage your notes with customizable background and text colors.

Thumbnails are displayed in a resizable grid view.

Resizable thumbnails (from 1 to 10 items per row).

Each note can have a title and / or text content.

Thumbnails show the date of last modification, as well as the title and text content when possible.

Notes are sorted in reverse chronological order.

Enjoy !

Alarm Sequencer

Notification scheduling app

Easily set alarms on your device.

For each alarm you create, you can assign it a message to display. The message can be updated at any time before the alarm is triggered.

Enjoy !